Hangzhou Guibao Chemical Co. Ltd. was founded in 1999 and located in Linpu, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou. The company specializes in silicone additives with high quality ranking as the leading role in China. After dozens of years’ development, the company establishes a new production base—Guizhou Guibao Chemical Co. Ltd. in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, and forms a production system of silicone additives with total investment of 120 million and general capacity of 16000 tons. 
The company’s silicone additives with the brand “HG” are famous for their superior quality and whole series of varieties. The company owns the production lines of ketoxime silane of 10000 tons, acyloxy silane of 4000 tons, and alkoxy silane of 2000 tons which can produce 20-odd varieties of ketoxime silane, acyloxy silane and alkoxy silane. The company’s products can serve various industries like RTV silicon rubber, coating preparation, and surface treatment. Meanwhile, the company applies itself to developing varieties with high performance, as well as providing products and services with top quality.  



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