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Coupling agent

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Product name:  γ-Aminopropyl triethoxy silane
CAS No.:  919-30-2
Structural formula:

Technical data



Monomer content wt%

98.0% min.


Colorless transparent liquid

HG-5550 is one of the most common coupling agent. The RTV silicone rubber‘s cohesiveness with glass,aluminium-plastic panel will be improved if you add 2% HG-5550 into the manufacturing process of the RTV silicone rubber. If the cohesiveness between the RTV silicone rubber and some special material is not good enough by adding HG-5550 only, please contact us.We will recommend you some other agents. HG-5550 is also applied in epoxy,phenolic aldehyde, crylic acid,paint to improve their water resistence, weather resistence and adhesiveness.It also plays as the surface treating aget for mineral powder and grain with water or ethanol as medium .HG-5550 can be applied in the production of anticolodal.
Package:25L/200L plastic drum or steel drum or other customer specified packagings.
Storage:Sealed storage in dry and ventilate, keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surface. No smoking.