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Coupling agent

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Product name:  γ-diglycidyl etheroxopropyltriethoxysilicane
CAS No.:  2602-34-8
Structural formula:

Technical data



Monomer content wt%

98.0% min.


Colorless transparent liquid

Mineral-filled plastics with HG-5561 can improve the dispersity of filler, reduce the sedimentation of filler, reduce the viscosity of resin to increase the loading of filler, improve the acid resistance,alkali resistance,water resistanc. HG-5561 is also can be used to produce RTV silicone rubber to improve cohesiveness,flexural strength,tensile strength and elasticity modulus.HG-5561 applied in encapsulating materails of electronic make positive impact on volume resistivity and dielectric constant.HG-5561 hardly dissolve in neutral water. Under the effect of catalysts (such as acetic acid), HG-5561 can dissolve when pH is 3-4. When PH is lower than 4,HG-5561 may react ring-opening reaction with alcohol,amine via acid/alkali.
Package:25L/200L plastic drum or steel drum or other customer specified packagings.
Storage:Sealed storage in dry and ventilate, keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surface. No smoking.